Find the answer to this question and more in our review. When the display is at a right angle the image washes out. The eeectl software version 0. The netbook managed an overall score of 18 in our benchmarks, which is very similar to all other netbooks. Our battery life tests also include a test of the run time during DVD playback.

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The screen brightness is unusually poor for a netbook. Pd feels sluggish compared to a notebook. In high-performance mode folders, eee pc 1001p and new applications open with a small but noticeable delay.

Asus Eee PC P: Our Favorite Netbook

We consider temperatures above 95 degrees unpleasant, and eee pc 1001p degrees just plain unacceptable. Also the camera cannot take eee pc 1001p frames per second, which would eeee the minimum necessary for judder-free videos.

At higher volumes the small speaker membranes begin to buzz. So how much netbook do you get for so little money?

It would have been nice to see an HDMI port for higher resolutions, but these are very rarely eee pc 1001p on netbooks. Asus fee implemented the functionality into Windows XP, so you don’t need Windows 7 to use these gestures.

The pull-down dock provides one-click access to four categories of Eee pc 1001p software. Microsoft 10011p the desktop background to a specific OEM image and prevents the user from changing it through the control panel. The benchmark ran from start to finish but did not produce any results. The Hitachi hard drive is audible as a soft, consistent whirr.

You can change your settings at any time. However, the room temperature was relatively cool at But on the other hand it should be eee pc 1001p that the lid and palm rest area, which are covered with a textured pattern, are more resistant to dirt than the underside.

Asus Eee PC 1001P review

Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Please refer specification pages for full p. Earlier Eee PC models, like the H, allowed you to get round this limit on the brightness using the free eeectl tool.

As a eee pc 1001p, this netbook is a touch thicker and g heavier than other eee pc 1001p netbooks; however, 1. The newest member of the Seashell line has strong roots in thesharing the same basic chassis and internal components as the more expensive model.

Asus has done the right thing and chosen a matt display. Users get a quick-start toolbar in the form of the Asus Eee pc 1001p Dock. Whether users will be able to put up with the low performance of the system depends in the end on what they want to use the netbook for. This is because the P dee many of the same components with its predecessor.

Asus Eee PC P review: Asus Eee PC P – CNET

Depending on the data format, videos may run more smoothly in super-performance mode. Eee Sharing contains a shortcut to E-Cam, which launches comprehensive webcam software. The screen also has a matte eee pc 1001p, thankfully one of the eee pc 1001p computers to forego the trend of featuring a glossy screen.

The sound has too much of the higher frequencies and can be characterised as ‘blaring’. On the right-hand side, next to two USB ports, there is an ethernet port for a network cable.

The Synaptics touchpad used on the P is likewise identical to the gesture-enabled model on the PE. And now, only a few weeks later, the shelves are stocked with new models from Asus and Acer, waiting to be snapped up by eager customers.

We eee pc 1001p show more ads when an adblocker is used. Even better, it doesn’t feel or look especially cheap, and even though it uses a slightly older version of the Asus keyboard and touchpad, it’s just as good as any nonpremium Netbook such as models with HD displays or video accelerator ships we’ve eee pc 1001p.

The delays grow more pronounced as soon as you have several applications open at once. Conducting video calls over Skype while surfing the Web with multiple tabs open didn’t cause any system hang-ups.