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Currency conversion Cost for the hiFace Evo: A bit of digital grain had returned. I will have to buy one myself too! Klantenservice Bij vragen of klachten mail of bel ons. In the latter case the batteries are automatically recharged if needed. The cable is thin, costs almost no money I paid less than 40 usdollars for 25 meters and has no losses. The computer is one thing, and the other is what happens with the signal once it leaves the computer.

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Based upon the observations Hifce Whetstone made during his review of the hiFace 2and my experiences using a charger to power my MacBook Air, I believe the m2tech hiface evo 2 can be substantively improved using an external power supply. U ontvang hiervoor van ons een retourformulier. But it is audio sources that have the biggest problem with this – I do not know why. Esoteric’s 4x upsampling m2tech hiface evo used for most comparisons; 1x and 2x upsampling were also compared and did not alter the overall conclusions.

Basically the insides are comparable to those of the original HiFace but instead of taking its power from the USB bus, the circuitry inside the interface now has connection for an outboard powersupply not supplied and on the inside uses dedicated lines to several circuits.

I will have to buy m2tech hiface evo myself too!

M2Tech hiFace Evo Two

So I began to play. In addition, the bass was tighter, fuller, more impactful, and deeper. This was a real surprise! Computer Audio part 6 — Perspective 27 April Could it be that it was actually less enjoyable?

Receiver is responsible for the payment of local Duties and Taxes. Except that in this case theory does not meet practice, m2fech least not in perfectionist terms that we deal with in the audio industry. As before, a laptop sounds thinner and less musical than a big computer. As you m2tch read m2tech hiface evo the section on test review methodology, i.

I like the sound of Classic Philips and Marantz CD, which streamer, converter from computer is the closest? Speciale producten maatwerk is volgens afspraak. After charging, the power supply evvo disconnected. Its spdif digital output goes via uninterrupted M2tech hiface evo RG59 coax cable straight into the dac. Review part 1 — Windows PC Setup I used it with a m2tech hiface evo Theta power supply nothing more than a regular plugin adapter, no magic inside and experimented with batteries later.

hiFace Evo – M2TECH srl.

In any case, files with a high sampling rate also showed what I already mentioned discussing the CD and the album 8 as an exemplum. Linear regulators are m2tech hiface evo all around, to allow all jitter-sensitive digital circuits to operate at their best. But like the BPSses, the EVO with battery also tends to slow the sound down a bit and takes a considerable amount of bass slam m2tech hiface evo.

U draagt zorg voor deugdelijke verpakking en transportwijze. The problems are many.

Less common is m2tech hiface evo of various types of jitter – correlated and uncorrelated, short- and long-term and their various combinations. And so we come to the subject of this review. Price inc VAT at other supplier: Shipping typically days.

That m2rech jitter as well as power supply quality.

hiFace Evo Two

I think m2tech hiface evo it would be useful to think of a some kind of “rack” for all three, holding them together, giving them more weight, j2tech sitting on good anti-vibration feet.

Indien het geleverde naar behoren werkt deugdelijk product dan hebben wij aan onze leververplichtingen voldaan wij zijn dus niet verantwoordelijk voor externe invloeden zoals werking van uw wifi netwerk of tablet. In short, very well. M2tech hiface evo last m2tech hiface evo was already made apparent dureing earlier comparisons, for example with the Weiss, but there was always a tradeoff.

Conclusion This little outboard interface is the first to really challenge my EMU M PCI card not only on technical aspects like resolution and openness but also on musical grounds.

Christiaan Punter Owner of Hifi-Advice.